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Dolphin NanoFilter Panels for Dolphin Escape & Cayman

Dolphin NanoFilter Panels for Dolphin Escape & Cayman

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  • Pleated high-efficiency nanofiltration retains small particulate and debris that pass through ordinary filters
  • Micro-pore material forms a tight mesh through which water flows and traps small contaminants
  • Larger surface area, capturing more waterborne particles while maintaining a relatively low resistance to waterflow
  • Compatible with Dolphin Escape and Dolphin Cayman
  • Includes 4 NanoFilter Panels included that replace the panels in the existing frame
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Maytronics Genuine Part

Often overlooked, the filter is perhaps the most important part of any pool robot.   The Dolphin NanoFilters are a unique offering for Dolphin Escape and Dolphin Cayman.   At the leading edge, the pleated high efficiency filters are the most powerful filters currently available.   When compared to the standard filters, pool owners can expect greatly reduced waterborne particulate, debris, pollen and algae.

Pool robot filters function through a mechanical process called sieving, which determines which particles are captured and which ones pass through.   Standard filters have a larger pore size while the Pleated Ultra Purifying Filters are made with an ultra-tight structure capable of trapping small micron particles.  The benefits are numerous.  The pleated filters minimize contaminants that would otherwise recirculate in the water we swim in.  The much larger surface area of the Nanofilters captures and holds a higher volume of waterborne contaminants while maintaining a relatively low resistance to waterflow.

Robot filtration has been redesigned to be more capable.  Choose Ultra Purifying filtration to get the most out of your Dolphin Escape or Dolphin Cayman pool robot.  When you choose your pool robot, make sure  pleated ultra purifying filtration is onboard so you’ll have more time for the things you love to do.

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