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Dolphin Premium Caddy Cover

Dolphin Premium Caddy Cover

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Elevate the protection of your Dolphin with the Premium Caddy Cover, meticulously crafted to snugly fit the Dolphin Universal Caddy and Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner. Constructed from high-grade vinyl, this cover withstands all weather conditions, safeguarding your Dolphin robot and caddy throughout the year. Designed with ventilation slots, it ensures moisture does not accumulate inside, maintaining your Dolphin in pristine condition. The innovative handle sleeve feature enhances convenience, allowing easy removal of the cover and facilitating movement of the robot even when covered. Celebrate the Dolphin legacy of over 40 years, featuring unparalleled cleaning efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness, for a seamless pool experience.

  • YEAR-ROUND DOLPHIN PROTECTION: The Premium Caddy Cover is custom-made to specifically fit your Dolphin Universal Caddy and Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner, like a glove. Protect your Dolphin year-round.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS: The durable, high-quality vinyl cover resists any type of weather to protect and extend the life of your Dolphin robot and caddy.
  • KEEP MOISTURE AWAY: Vents allow airflow to keep moisture from building up inside the cover. Protect your investment and keep dirt and moisture away from your Dolphin.
  • CONVENIENT HANDLE SLEEVE: The Premium Caddy Cover is easy to remove from your Dolphin Caddy. Slots expose the Dolphin’s handle when the cover is on, so it makes moving the robot easy when covered.
  • The Dolphin Legacy: Over 40 years of effortless cleaning with unmatched performance, durability, and cost savings. Enjoy your pool, hassle-free!
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