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Dolphin Wave 80 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 80 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

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An advanced robotic pool cleaner with exceptional cleaning capabilities, perfect for large pools, providing a pristine swimming experience.

  • Includes caddy, fine filters, & ultra-fine filters
  • Engineered for power, the Maytronics Wave 80 commercial robotic pool cleaner with caddy is the ideal solution for small to mid-sized condo, apartment, and neighborhood pools up to 68 feet. With its multiple cleaning options, his workhorse of a cleaner saves valuable time when it comes to maintaining your facility's pool.
  • Committed to clean. This robot is equipped with dual scrubbing brushes and a center active brush for highly effective scrubbing and removal of dirt from the floor, walls, and waterline. With the Wave 80, you can rest assured knowing your guests are swimming in exceptionally clean water.
  • Optimal Filtration. With the Wave 80, you get two levels of filtration to meet the changing needs of your facility's pool. The fine filters are perfect for opening the pool, removing leaves, twigs, and other large debris. For daily cleanings, the ultra-fine filters are the way to go. They suck-up and trap small particles such as dirt, sand, and the things you can’t see.
  • Healthy water, happy guests. This robot helps increase water movement by circulating thousands of gallons of water per hour, improving circulation, leaving the pool water polished throughout for clean, safe, and pure water for guests to enjoy.
  • Efficiency is key when it comes to maintaining your facility's pool. The Wave 80 is fully automated with its easy, plug-and-play operation and remote control. This robot takes the manual work out of pool maintenance, minimizing downtime, and reducing energy and labor costs associated with maintaining your facility's pool. It even works nights and weekends!
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